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David Floyd ThomasFor over a decade, I've been developing websites, managing online projects and supervising teams involved in designing the creative and programming content. I most recently advised a marketing department on industry standards and emerging abilities in technology and online communications. Additional assistance was provided to other non-technical departments who required a more simplified understanding. I am adept at providing effective documentation and training for novices as well as experts. I love technology and appreciate the ever-growing potential the Internet has as a tool.

Projects I've managed range in size from information portals with thousands of pages of content down to promotional splash pages. Working for an agency, I was able to coordinate goals with customers, create a plan of action for the team, and then follow it through to its scheduled completion. Many of the projects had high visibility because of celebrity status or a national ad campaign, and therefore had to be the highest quality, whereas other projects needed to meet strict government, financial or accessibility standards. I look forward to working hard with a great team who can help achieve our department and company goals.

Thank you,
David Thomas


Download and share one of my resumes below or contact me with any opportunities matching my qualifications. I also have a profile on LinkedIn.

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    Roles held by David Thomas. customer service, php, html, project manager, human resources, quality assurance

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    Hire David Thomas - IT Project Manager | Quality Assurance


    • eCommerce
    • Google AdWords
    • Google Analytics
    • HTML
    • IA (Information Architecture)
    • Marketing
    • MySQL
    • PHP
    • Project Management
    • QA (Quality Assurance)
    • Social Media
    • Technical Writing
    • UI (User Interface)
    • UX (User Experience)

    DiSC Personality

    I discovered a paper test for determining (self discovery) personality types, and re-engineered it to do the calculations for you, as well as display ratio and a people vs. task bias. I have attached the template here in Microsoft Excel format.